Frickin’ Microsoft Thought Police

A while back, my email provider decided to move their service to Microsoft Outlook. It sucks. Turns out Outlook filters my spam for me, like it or not. You can’t turn it off. I have to log in a couple of times a day to check the spam filter.

And what it considers spam… Early on, it might have been a coincidence, but it just get more glaringly obvious by the day.

Spam: firearm-related groups and companies (including those replying to my emails), conservative groups and individuals, Christian groups. GOP. Stuff I’ve whitelisted still gets blocked.

Not-Spam: Swalwell and Newsom fundraisers, the DNC, any leftwing outfit.

Yet another reason I need cash for my own paid hosting.

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One thought on “Frickin’ Microsoft Thought Police”

  1. A caution about hosting your own mail server: there’s a strong chance your IP address will somehow find its way onto Microsoft’s blacklist… and it’s amazing how many domains have their mail hosted by MS/Outlook/Hotmail.
    I suspect I may have gotten blacklisted on the basis of being reported (without evidence, ’cause there was none) as a spammer after my spam filter rejected (during DATA phase, as it should be done) some incoming really obvious spam from a Microsoft server.

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