I’m not one to defend the TSA but…

Mom Sues TSA Over Request to Strip Search For Taking Her Transgender Teen’s Word For it

Fixed it for you.

“According to the TSA webpage on transgender passengers, when going through security, “the TSA officer presses a button designating a gender (male/female) based on how you present yourself.” It adds that “the machine has software that looks at the anatomy of men and women differently. The equipment conducts a scan and indicates areas on the body warranting further inspection if necessary.””

The “girl” said she was female. The TSA took “her” word for it and treated “her” as female. Of course there was an anomaly. If “she” wants to be “female,” cut it off, so security doesn’t think you have a roll of Semtex tucked in there.

I’d prefer the crazy didn’t breed anyway.

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