Effin’ Parler

A few days ago, I decided to delete my assorted — and largely unused — social media accounts. I can’t do much about Twitter, becaause they locked me out a year ago, pending my deletion of a tweet they won’t let anyone see. I’ll probably kill it just so I can kill the account. But the principle of the thing rankles.

Gab went away simply enough, as did MeWe. Then it was time to delete the Parler account.

So I logged in with my username and password. I went to settings and clicked “Delete account.” It prompted me for my password again. I entered it.

“Incorrect password”

I spent a couple of days at that. Eventually I gave up and emailed Parler technical support. I received this response several hours later.

Thank you for reaching out. We’ve successfully submitted your request to have your account, associated with this email, deactivated.

I checked. The account was still up. I tried deleting it myself one more time. “Incorrect password”

I waited, and checked the account again today. It’s still there. I still can’t delete it myself.

“Successfully,” my ass.

Added: Rubbing salt in the wound, Parler?

I just checked my email.

Parler added me to their spammy mailing list. I’m gonna guess I can’t kill that either.

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One thought on “Effin’ Parler”

  1. Considering Parler is solely owned subsidiary of ‘them’, you shouldn’t be surprised. You really think Bongino and Co had the pull to get this hosted on their own? Really?
    He took the ticket, just like everyone else.
    (it’ll take 3-4 months to have the account go away. If you have money in the game (their failed ‘influencer’ scheme), it’ll take 6mo to get that back if they haven’t instituted a ‘no refunds’ policy yet)
    (and I not only had skin in the game, I was also a moderator…until I saw what and who we were allowed to moderate and was subsequently removed from that position, and my account deactivated)

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