Let’s Have Another Dose of Daily Dumbassery

How else is he supposed to get money? But the kicker is something else.

VIDEO: 11-year old pistol whips driver, helps mom in carjacking
Webster University instructor Dr. Muthoni Musangali was interviewed about the incident and said, “I just think this puts him on the wrong path. Desensitization to violence at such a young age, it means the young boy may be more likely to engage in violence, aggressive behavior or even criminal activity in the future.”

Hey, Doc; if an eleven year-old punk has a gun, and is using it to pistol-whip people and steal cars, I dare say he was put on the “wong path” quite some time ago.

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One thought on “Let’s Have Another Dose of Daily Dumbassery”

  1. Uncle Joe has a freshly charged EBT card, no need to get grabby with it.
    Did he pass the background check at the gun show? (sarc)

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