ChinCOVID. Again.

I now personally know four people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Ever. In the entire country.

One of those people had COVID-19 more than a year ago. Confirmed by testing, and nasty symptoms, though hospitalization was not required; Think really bad cold.*

That person was recently diagnosed with COVID again.

That person (yeah, I’m trying anonymize this) was at an Emergency Room dealing with a medical emergency concerning the person’s father. What with serious stress (I thought he might die) and the hospital’s masking policy, that person ate nothing for 36 hours, and hadn’t drunk so much as water for 24 hours.

That person experienced a headache and nausea (duh), and puked.

Hospital staff diagnosed that as COVID-19 based on headache, nausea, and NEGATIVE COVID testing. Despite testing positive for antibodies.

After rehydrating that person (oral and IV fluids), that person was fine, but still gets called another COVID case.

* For extra fun, no one else in that person’s household got COVID.

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