Whatsit Raises A Maybe Not So Obvious Question

Someone posted a video online of a mysterious something-or-other spotted at a Lockheed facility.

Lockheed Exec Refuses To Comment On Video Showing Mystery Aviation Technology On Secret Testing Base
“Are you able to tell us anything about what we saw?”

Babione smiled and replied, “I can’t.”

Most speculation seems to be, “What is it?” New drone, just a radar cross-section test mockup? The geometry is hard to make out, but it looks like it could vaguely resemble some pictures of hypersonic test beds. I’m not an aeronautical engineer, so I’ve really got no idea.

But the real question for me is: If that is secret, or proprietary, why is it being trucked out in the open in place where cameras are seemingly allowed? Not so much as a tarp?

Maybe it is classified or proprietary, and someone is about to be fired for screwing up.

Or maybe it was meant to be seen, as a distraction or disinformation.

Babione smiled…

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