Kurt Schlichter Is An IDIOT

He demands everyone go vote Republican in the Georgia run-offs.

Not Voting For The Republican Senate Candidates In Georgia Is Stupid
If you are boycott-curious, let me be clear: I don’t care if you are frustrated or upset. Not at all. Grow up. Man up. And win this run-off outside the margin of fraud.

Yeah. “And win this run-off outside the margin of fraud.”

He apparently has no fucking clue what happened. Let me put it in simple terms for the moron:

1. We voted.
2. The counting started.
3. Metro Atlanta counties stopped and watched every other county’s results.
4. Everyone else finished.
5. Metro Atlanta counties saw how many votes they needed for Biden Harris to win and produced them.

You can’t beat the margin of fraud, when the margin is generated after you’ve voted, dumbass.

You can’t beat the margin of fraud when the election officials won’t even look at the fraud.

They won’t look at the fraud because the Secretary of State helped them do it be agreeing to violate state election laws.

The Secretary of State is actively trying to prevent anyone else from looking at the fraud by telling all counties to wipe their machines.

Fuck you, Schichter. I’m not boycotting the run-offs to ” punish the Democrats”.” I’m not voting because it’s fucking pointless.

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