A Variant Of A Variant Of A Virus. Maybe.

At what point will they decide to call it SARS-CoV-3?

COVID Delta Subvariant Confirmed in US, Israel
During Wednesday’s White House COVID-19 Response Team briefing, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky confirmed that the subvariant has been found in the U.S., though not in clusters.

But the really interesting point is this.

“In the United States, delta remains the dominant variant with more than 99.7% of sequence cases in the country being caused by delta,” Walensky said. “There are new variants that continue to emerge as cases continue to spread, and in particular, the AY4.2 variant has drawn some attention in recent days.

If they have viral isolates and are sequencing them, why hasn’t Walensky told her own people, who still say they don’t have an isolate?

If they’ve sequenced the virus(es), why are they still using a PCR test based not on an isolate, but rather on a dubious Chinese partial sequence and a by-gosh-best-guess?

These inconsistent “facts” coming out of the CDC aren’t helping much with the conspiracy theories.

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