If parents went to trial for assaulting or killing these psychopaths, I’d have to acquit them.

Parents furious after elementary school says to send kids in ‘warm jackets’ and ‘rain gear’ for COVID-mandated outdoor eating, forcing school to reverse course
California parents were seething after Patwin Elementary School officials emailed a notice advising parents to dress their children in “warm jackets” and “rain gear” for an upcoming school week that saw cold and rainy temperatures.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all children are made to eat their lunches outdoors. Public outcry forced the school to change course on what many parents said was an absurd idea.

How in the fuck did I end up in a universe where school officials would even consider forcing children — the least vulnerable to ChinCOVID — to eat lunch outside in the cold rain?

In Georgia, any surviving faculty doing that would go to prison. After they got out of the hospital.

Well… maybe not in the Atlanta area.

For the record, this is what cases in that county look like.

Yeah, cases have been dropping for two months. Sure looks like a excuse for large-scale child abuse, eh?

Added: BTW, if anyone wants to tell Principal Gay Bourguignon what they think about her plan, she apparently attempted to scrub the school web site of her contact data. Sadly for the moron, she doesn’t know how HTML works.


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