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Interesting thing about this years election flyers. For the Georgia Senatee run-offs, we’re getting dozens of pro-Republican flyers. But only ONE pro-Democrat flyers. Period. It’s almost as if the Dems know that they no more need to campaign for the run-off, than Biden needed to campaign for Prez. As if the fix is in.


But today, I did get a very interesting flyer from the Club for Growth, a generally fiscally-conservative outfit; i.e.- Republican.

“While WHO you vote for is always kept private, whether or not you vote is a public record.

“And after the runoff election on January 5th in Georgia, researchers will look up who chose to vote in the runoff and who did not.

“This is a subject notice that your individual voting record may be accessed and studied following the election.”

The Republicans are very concerned about people — like me — saying we aren’t going to bother voting, since the same people who stole the Prez race are still in place, with the same techniques and systems.

My area is pretty solidly not-Democrat. So this flyer looks very much like a veiled threat to dox me — and other non-voters — if I do sit out the run-offs.

Yeah, this shit really makes me want to go out and support Republicans.

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