This evening should be fun.


We have a dinner invitation to my niece’s house this evening. Normally that would hardly be a problem. But her sister is in town.

That niece and her family now refuse to acknowledge my very presence; I’m invisible and inaudible to them.* I wouldn’t go, but I have to drive my sister there.**

And no, I don’t know why I turned nonexistent. My niece has long disliked me — again, for some unknown reason — but the refusal by her and her kids to acknowledge my existence only started a few years ago. She used to be polite, at least.

I’ll take a book and sit outside. (Which I wish I’d remembered to bring to¬† the wedding/reception this past weekend; yeah, they were there, too.)

Sorry; I usually keep unpleasant personal stuff off the blog (other than finances, I guess). For some reason this seemed worth noting.

* Her youngest still sees me. I think that’s because she’s too young to know better. She doesn’t speak to me.

** She doesn’t want to risk driving for now due to the possibility of a stroke while behind the wheel.

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3 thoughts on “This evening should be fun.”

  1. If it were me, I’d go out of my way to engage them in conversation and force the issue. If they give you the silent treatment, you should make them do it so its obvious to everyone else too. Make them uncomfortable.

  2. My sister (and her entire family) have been persona non grata with my brother’s and my families since 2011, and now that my Dad passed away in 2018 they are cut off out of our lives completely. She is a hypocritical holy roller that uses the bible when it suits her, yet is also one of the most foul mouthed human beings on the planet. Her husband is a loud mouthed moron that knows nothing about everything, and it takes very little to plant conflict he can’t resolve in his pea-sized brain and make him explode when his brain starts to hurt. Their daughter is a welfare recipient that has babies out of wedlock, and literally prostitutes herself on Fakebook for money and weed. She actually has an ala carte list of what she’ll do for how much. My other niece tried to show it to me but I did not want to see it… GROSS!

    When my parents and grandparents were alive we tolerated their nonsense. Now that they are all gone, we don’t have to.

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