Baldwin vs. Baldwin

Adam Baldwin — no relation to the Baldwin Bros — has a little advice for Alec.

He won’t take it, but there’s good advice out there for Alec now to man up, confess and throw himself on the mercy of the court (both legal & public opinion) and $ pay $ for his negligence/recklessness.

As for the folks who seem to be trying to shift all the blame for the shooting to the — obviously dipstick — “armorer”…

“In 40+ years no one’s ever handed me a firearm on set that wasn’t open and easily eyeballed by me personally as to its status, loaded or unloaded. Alec has experienced this same himself as a 40yr film veteran and producer. He was negligent, at best,” Adam continued.

That’s way it it’s done. Thank you, Adam.

But Alec Baldwin chose to ignore that, and trust — second hand, no less — an “armorer” who apparently thinks the way to check a gun’s condition is point it at one’s self to look at the front of it.

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