Psycho or Troll: Vote In Comments

Another one of those Twitter accounts where I just can’t tell anymore. It used to be that I’d have automatically written her off as a pure troll, but these days there are plenty of people this crazy for real

This is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. If the blacks are going to vote for the racists then maybe we shouldn’t let them vote anymore! Sometimes you have to do what’s good for them even if they don’t understand why!!!

“Helen Carter” joined Twitter in June 2021. It’s pinned tweet reads:

I’ll have you all know right now: don’t even think of “hitting the dm’s” on me. My husband is a cop and he approves every tweet before i send it. He will put you in jail if you say anything inappropriate to me

Before you decide, remember that GunKid was real, for some values of real.

What do y’all think?


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5 thoughts on “Psycho or Troll: Vote In Comments”

  1. Commies gonna commie in this open air mental asylum that is undergoing controlled demolition in order to build the CCCP back better.

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