I’ve noticed a growing trend in the news. Maybe a week or so ago, I began seeing mainstream reporting of myocarditis cases officially linked to ChinCOVID pseudo-vaccines (such reporting has been routine for months in conservative/alt outlets). And I’m seeing these on a daily basis now. But these mainstream reports have something — besides myocarditis — in common.

Myocarditis is rare; don’t worry about it. This Reuters report of a myocarditis death is a classic example.

“…a rare inflammation of the heart muscle…”

“…a known but rare side effect from the vaccine…”

“Despite the rare side effects…”

You need to tell us that three times in one short (265 words) story? Who are you trying to convince; us, or yourselves?

I’d like to see Reuters cover firearms stories that way: A rare Chicago shooting left one dead and two wounded in a rare case of something that almost never happens in Chicago, so don’t worry.

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