Updated: Graftport Camden Gets A License

Our local scam artists just got an early Christmas present. I just received an email announcing that the FAA has issued a site license for Camden County, Georgia’s “Spaceport Camden.”

Don’t expect launches any time soon… or ever, though. The license carries some interesting restrictions before the money-pit can even enter into an agreement with a launch operator. Most of them, if they can be accomplished at, are going to take time and a lot more money.

The real kicker is that the license is limited to a small class of rockets that doesn’t exist. Nor is anyone developing such a rocket.

So far, the county is into this fiasco for $11.5 million. We’re still on the hook for another $1,680,000 for the chemically contaminated property that would be the spaceport (it used to be a Superfund site, but got dropped from the list without being cleaned up; so the county has that liability). But that’s not bad enough.

The license requires the county to also gain control of another contaminated property. Purchase, lease, or use agreement; cost unknown, but likely to be million$.

This FAA license is a license for the perpetrators to keep stealing.

I’ve got a copy of the license and Record of Decision. But Steve Weinkle should be posting them on Spaceportfacts.org, where he has diligently been tracking this scam for years. I expect he’ll have the docs up by tomorrow (12/21/2021). If not, I’ll update this post with my copies.

Update: Stever doesn’t have those on his site yet, so here they are.

Camden License and Order Final


Added: Apparently us folk who oppose this dipshit spaceport are “being funded by millionaires.” I need to call the police and report that my checks have been stolen. I can really use that money.

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