“The laws of physics don’t apply to goats…”

Cool video of a goat.

That reminded me of something from many, many years ago, in Turkey.

I was in the Air Farce, stationed on a Turkish mountaintop. One day a few of us were riding up to the site, and we had a new kid with us, just reporting in. As we drove higher into the mountains, the kid noticed cows on the mountainsides. He wondered how the heck they stood up straight on those steep hills.

I wish I could take credit for this, but another joker told him, “They’re mountain cows.”

Kid: “Mountain cows? What’s a mountain cow?”

Joker: “Special breed of cow. They have a genetic mutation that makes the legs shorter on one side so they can stand up straight.”

Kid: “Really? I never heard of them.”

Naturally we all chimed in to assure him it was so. With straight faces. Which got a little tougher with the next part.

Joker: “Yeah, and they come in two varieties; clockwise and counterclockwise, depending on which set of legs are shorter. So the two kinds can never interbreed since they go in opposite directions.”

I nearly lost it at “clockwise and counterclockwise.”

Worst part in that the gullible kid bought it. I think it was a couple of months before he realized we were… pulling his leg.

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