[Update] Someone Chose Poorly

I see the rest of the world is posting stuff for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so I thought I’d bring back this little Air Farce fail from five years ago.

That was an official flyer posted at Robins AFB, Georgia. I’ve always suspected some NCO with a sense of humor like my own* talked an unwitting butterbar into that.

* Someday I may tell the whole story of my personal best in goading dumbass officers into dumbass decisions. I was drunk, sarcastic, and totally lacking in respect for the Captain. And he was a dumbass; almost fatally so. Literally.

Added: I did tell that story a couple of years ago. Scroll down to the bottom of that post. Fun times.

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3 thoughts on “[Update] Someone Chose Poorly”

  1. Only about 25 more years to go before the FBI releases the MLK file.
    Sex orgies, rapes of clueless groupies, down low (homo) hook ups after church service, worship of communists, that doesn’t sound like any minister of religion that I’ve ever heard of.
    The handlers who wrote the speeches claimed MLK was dull and slow witted and never to be left on his own to improvise or freelance.
    In other words the perfect icon for a fake and fraudulent plastic society that can’t handle the truth.

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