Interesting Election Development

I’ve been afraid this would start.

DOJ: Texas Man Charged With Threatening Georgia Officials
According to the indictment, Stark allegedly posted a message on Craigslist entitled: “Georgia Patriots it’s time to kill [Official A] the Chinese agent — $10,000.”

The indictment did not name the Georgia officials targeted and instead referred to them as “Official” A, B, or C.

I’m going guess at who they are.

  • A – Secretary of State Raffensperger
  • B – Governor Kemp
  • C – referred to as “her,” so maybe District Attorney Fani Willis

Online threats are probably idiots blowing off steam. What the illegal election manipulators need to worry about are the quiet ones who are deciding when it’s time to quietly take of business.

I’d hoped we wouldn’t go there.

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