Next Pan(ic)demic, Part 2

Remember the great monkey crash in PA? I thought it was interesting that the CDC responded. It gets more so.

CDC: Three monkeys caught and euthanized after crash near Danville
A public health risk assessment was conducted by several organizations including the CDC.
Fallon was contacted Saturday by the CDC and was told to monitor herself for any cold-like symptoms.

She shared the letter from the CDC with Newswatch 16; it reads in part that, “the surviving monkeys will be quarantined and will be monitored for infectious diseases for at least 31 days before their release.”

Reportedly, these were recently imported monkeys being taken to a quarantine facility, a normal import procedure.

But oddly the truck driver tried claiming he was transporting cats. The CDC was there immediately. The escaped monkeys were euthanized. And they’re screening for specific symptoms.

I suspects there’s a little more to the story.

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