[Update] FPC Warns Of Possible ATF Action on Forced Reset Triggers

Firearms Policy Coalition issued a Statement on Possible ATF Actions Regarding ‘Forced-Reset Triggers’ (FRTs)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (January 27, 2022) — FPC Law is investigating a purported internal ATF email alleging that businesses which manufacture, distribute, or sell ‘forced-reset triggers’—specifically referring to “Rare Breed and Wide-Open Triggers (FRT Trigger).”— will be subject to forfeitures if they do not surrender “documents and FRT’s” [sic].

While the publicly available copy of the email contains several typographical errors and FPC’s understanding is that it has not yet been verified or confirmed by the agency, out of an abundance of caution, FPC suggests that all individuals, entities, and businesses who are now or have been in possession of ‘forced-reset triggers’ consider the below measures through which you may be able to protect and preserve your rights should ATF contact you, visit you, and/or demand that you surrender any item in your possession.

Reading the whole thing for some suggestions for protecting your rights, if this could involve you.

Update: Via David Codrea, the email mentioned.

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