I think Politico has gone beyond cognitive dissonance

… and right in to schizophrenia.

How Trash Talk Can Save Biden’s Presidency
Democrats had for his presidency a year ago and the present reality of a stalled agenda, a divided party, a rancid political culture and the haunting sense that he may not be quite up the task of turning all this around in time for 2022 and 2024 elections.

As it happens, Biden’s lapse of presidential decorum hints at a path toward restoring presidential vitality.

The whole encounter — including Doocy’s genial refusal to get all huffy about Biden’s flash of huffiness — was in its own way quite winning. It was also a reminder of how many memorable Biden moments feature casual profanity or bursts of authentic emotion amid the pervasive phoniness of contemporary politics.

So Harris wants Gropin’ Joe to be more like… Trump?

I thought the lefties were all glad to be done with mean presidential tweets and the like.

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One thought on “I think Politico has gone beyond cognitive dissonance”

  1. Love the meme of empty store shelves and the look all out of mean tweets.
    The CPUSA (democrat) comrades are out to burn down the republic once and for all by any means necessary and they won’t stop unless they are stopped.
    It will be a smoking crater of third world ruin by the summer so never mind 2024.

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