Black Russian President?

Peter Grant ridiculed this moron this morning.

As it happens, just the other day I saw an estimate of blacks in Russia; 70,000. Wikipedia puts it at a mere 50,000, but that’s a 2009 estimate.

Using the higher number, and Russia’s population of 145,478,097, blacks make up a whopping 0.0481% of the population. I guess white privilege kept one that that miniscule number from getting elected, not simple statistics.

Unsurprisingly, Janel Forsythe‘s Twitter account is now “protected.” If you still feel an impulse to ridicule her, her email can be found here (it ain’t doxxing if she posts it herself).

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One thought on “Black Russian President?”

  1. The comrades really do believe that Woke is going to conquer the world.
    The CCCP failed the CPUSA and they are mean girl mad about it.
    What else would you expect from blue check poop emoji infantile adults coddled since elementary school with participation trophies for a world that will never exist.

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