Well, Damn

I’ve been chasing down details that might explain the possible medical billing fraud. No that I know there’s a doctor affiliated with UF Health with a similar name to that Sound Physicians gave me, I went through my online medical records to see if he appears anywhere.

He does. Once. He ordered a magnesium blood screen. Five hundred bucks seems a little high for that, but maybe that’s it. But there’s another little issue.

While he ordered a magnesium screen, the lab did a full metabolic workup. As we scrolled (my retired RN sister was looking at this, too), another number jumped out.

Glucose: 142

Whoa. I’m diabetic? And no one at the hospital thought to mention that, or to prescribe anything?

My sister is diabetic, so she checked my blood sugar a few minutes ago.


Yep. I’m diabetic. And had no clue.

I’ll be going to a lab Monday to get another blood test to take to a doc.

I’ll have to make some diet changes. And no more evening nightcaps.

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5 thoughts on “Well, Damn”

  1. Bear, I didn’t know if another way to message you. Former Hospitalist here. Might be able to help you sort through some of the BS associated with your hospitalization, and yeah, as a rule a portion will always be BS. System is set up to encourage/incentivize it. If I can help let me know, if not no harm no foul, take care.

    1. Thanks. I’ll wait and see what UF Health says, and what’s on the “detailed bill” Sound Physicians couldn’t be bothered to send before.

      1. Okeydoke. Might want to look at the daily codes they charged you for physicians visit also. They are supposed be based on complexity and time spent. Present environment and software encourages billing for maximum impact (whether it was or not), which you don’t get in a 5-7 minute visit. Other ones like the BS smoking cessation discussion that never occurred are encouraged to fluff up complexity. Take care and be well.

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