Letter To Rep. Buddy Carter [R-GA]: Ukraine

Got a newsletter from congresscritter expressing support for Ukraine. Since picking sides doesn’t make sense to me, I popped off a useless letter (ever since the incident where his staffer appeared to running an identity theft scam, his office doesn’t reply to me).

Dear Rep. Carter,

RE: Your most recent newsletter, “Pray for Ukraine”

You state that you support the Biden admin economic sanctions on Russia, and ask us to pray for Ukraine. But I have yet to hear a persuasive argument that America has a dog in this fight.

To my mind the leadership of neither country is particularly admirable. No one has explained how America benefits from Ukraine. Economic sanctions — especially restrictions on Russian gas/oil — would seem to damaging to our allies — especially Germany, reliant on Russia for alomst half its supply, and less directly to America.

Countries dependent on Ukrainian wheat might have an interest in protecting their food source, but America is not dependent on Ukrainian wheat, and the loss of Ukraine production (which seems inevitable, win or lose) potentially opens up markets for US wheat.

“Our” dog appears to be a NATO canine. Russia objects to the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO. Considering that, as the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia was promised that former Eastern bloc countries would not be allowed to join. This was desirable to Russia, because it wanted those states as a buffer between it and NATO.

NATO seems dead set on eliminating that buffer completely. One could easily imagine Putin wondering *why*.

American sentiment in the Russia/Ukraine conflict seems driven by 1) Russia bad, and 2) those valiant Ukrainians are fighting for their freedom.

Let them fight for their freedom… while Americans should be fighting against encroachments against our own, and securing our own border against the current invasion.

Until someone can articulate a rationale and valid reason for America to take sides, I think we have better, more important things to do.

The only Americans with a rational reason to be involved is the weapons industry producing things like Javelins, which the Ukrainians are reportedly using so well (Javelins are effective, so those reports might not be pure “Ghost of Kyiv” propaganda). But they could sell to both sides while the nation remains neutral. Lots of money in that.

Likewise, one might say that defending the sanctity of national borders is generally important, but Washington has demonstrated complete disdain for a border a little closer to home, so that argument is rather weak.

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One thought on “Letter To Rep. Buddy Carter [R-GA]: Ukraine”

  1. A form letter from a Grand Old Politburo comrade?
    How about we fix up our own country and stop the world’s policeman role at $30 trillion in debt.
    The Ukraine is the CPUSA (democrat) cookie jar and the launching pad for invasion into Russia since it is a better route than Belarus.

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