Ottawa Shrinks Will Be Doing Booming Business

Poor, little traumatized Ottawa weenies are suffering from “phantom honks.

The trucks have since been removed, with police pushing the majority of protesters outside of the downtown core over the Family Day long weekend. Even still, some downtown residents say they’re haunted by “phantom honking” — what sounds like blaring truck horns, but no actual sounds are there.

I’ve seen a few of these reports.Mostly, they imply, or let the complainers imply, that they’re suffering from something like post-traumatic stress disorder, from the horrors of honking and bouncy houses.

Not so much. I’d buy PTSD if they were simply being… pardon my use of the word, but it fits here… triggered by hearing real honks. I’d wonder about their prior mental condition if a few weeks of honking is all it takes to stress them to that level, but it could happen.

But these nutjobs admit they’re “hearing” honks that are not there. There’s a term for that: auditory hallucination, and a notable cause is schizophrenia. In this case, I’d rate that possibility as very high.

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