He Should Probably Get To The ER Right Away

As seen at Bayou Renaissance Man Peter Grant.

Ok I’m a trans woman who’s experiencing her first period cramps and WHAT THE FUCK????? I have literally never felt pain like this. Why do we let people live like this??????????

The resident RN here says appendicitis. I’m also thinking maybe bowel obstruction (trapped farts, maybe?). But period cramps sans uterus (which the crazy guy even acknowledges later in the thread)? Ain’t happening.

I considered that this might be a troll. But his Twitter profile looks legitimately crazed. “MILF”??

Please consider that he has described himself as a “trans woman.” Now loot at its website where it calls itself “nonbinary.”

Yeah, legitimately looney tunes.

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One thought on “He Should Probably Get To The ER Right Away”

  1. Maybe it could be preezy of the steezy (president) one day?
    Forward! Yes we can!
    Embrace the clown and maybe the comrades have a point about burning it all down.

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