Here’s a question for Kamala Harris

The Barrett SCOTUS confirmation hearings have begun. On the Dem side, 87 year-old Dianne Feinstein and 75 year-old Dick Durbin are among those in attendance.

55 year-old (32 years younger than Feinstein) Kamala Harris is refusing to attend except “remotely” because she thinks CHinCOVID makes it too dangerous to be there. Which is a bit odd since the CDC says for her age, the CHinCOVID Infection Fatality Rate is just 0.005. For comparison the seasonal flu averages 0.1. Frankly, unless you have a pretty serious underlying medical condition that ChinCOVID can aggravate, Harris’ odds of serious illness — much less death — from SARS-CoV-2 are pretty damned low.

Now, I figure she’s most likely just grandstanding, but…

Does she have an undisclosed medical condition?

In recent days, I’ve seen Democrats, Republicans, and independents pushing idea that, if the Biden/Harris ticket wins, they’re going to swear the pair in, then remove Biden using the 25th Amendment. The fact that both of them have publicly referred to the “Harris administration” certainly supports such speculation.

We hear talk about Trump’s health, and Biden’s health. I think it’s fair for Harris to release the results of a medical checkup.

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