Musk Needs To Hit Twitter With A Preservation Order

Since Musk’s buyout of Twitter was announced, a strange thing has been happening. Suddenly [conservative] people’s suspensions have been lifted, shadowbans seems to be evaporating, and post flags and warnings are disappearing.

Twitter claims it’s just a coincidence, but — to me anyway — it looks a whole lot as if Twitter weenies, realizing that Musk is going to get his hands on the data, and promises to make it open-source, well… it almost like they’re deleting evidence of what they’ve been doing.

Musk needs to get a preservation order from a court, forcing Twitter to maintain the database and all records in the condition they were in when Twitter agreed to the sale. Imagine buying a car, but when the dealer turns it over to you, the stereo has been replaced with an AM/FM/8 track, the leather seats are now vinyl, and the tires swapped for retreads.

But when I heard about people magically getting back on Twitter, I had to check. I was suspended back in September 2020, for a pro-Rittenhouse tweet. I had foolishly noted that Kyle acted in lawful self defense. Bad me.

Nope. I’m still suspended.

Just for the heck of it, I decided to “appeal” the suspension again. Not that I want to play there anymore, but I would like to delete the account completely, and Twitter doesn’t let me do even that while suspended.

Just wondering: Since it’s been MONTHS since I was proven correct — in a court of law, with Ritenhouse’s acquittal on ALL charges — why am I still suspended?

We’ll see. If the account disappears, it’ll be because I got unsuspended and shut it down.

Heh. In semi-related news, I tried to delete┬ámy Parler account several months ago. They had it rigged so I couldn’t do it, but swore they’d deactivate it for me.

Nope. Still there. Rumor had it that Parler does this to keep up their apparent subscriber numbers, so I expected this [wouldn’t] happen.

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  1. I heard they’ve been purging bots. So to get their numbers back up with legit people they’ve been un-suspending. Off double secret probation.

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