Some Folks Just Don’t Get It

For some reason, I’m seeing people expressing shock that Dims expect to tax their our way out of “inflation.” Case in point:

Schumer: Let’s Face It, The Only Way to Solve Inflation is to…Raise Taxes
Question: Is the Democratic Senate Majority Leader trying to tank his party ahead of November? Inflation is raging, Americans’ purchasing power is painfully diminished, and Chuck Schumer thinks the ‘only’ way to right the ship is to, um, confiscate more earnings from Americans and American businesses? Higher taxes and increased spending are his party’s predictably knee-jerk solutions to nearly every problem, even when those policies are glaringly and cartoonishly wrong for the moment.

Duh. They’ve been pushing this idea for years. It’s the funding mode for Ocassionally-firing Cortex’ “Green New Deal.” Which, in case you failed to notice, was partially incorporated in the “American Rescue Plan,” and pretty was Biden’s original “Build Back Better.

Formally, the scheme is called “Modern Monetary Theory,” but Monopoly Money Theory is far more accurate.

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