Remember the kid busted for shoplifting…

…and the cop just took him home to daddy, without arrest or charges; and daddy was outraged that the cop “abused” his little angel?

I referred to the kid as a “little repeat offender>”


Days after viral video with Syracuse police, 8-year-old accused in theft of bike
The eight-year-old child involved in a now-viral video involving Syracuse police has been issued an appearance ticket for stealing another child’s bike, less than a week after his interaction with police was seen across the nation.

Syracuse police confirmed the incident happened Thursday evening just before 7 on Grumbach Avenue in Syracuse. Police tell us he was given a juvenile appearance ticket for petit larceny.

They’re still letting me off easy.

The woman who filed the complaint in Thursday evening’s case told police her child was pushed off his bike.

I’d have tacked on a misdemeanor assault charge as well.

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