This Only Looks Deranged

My first thought on seeing this report was, “Do they expect that to convince…”

Then I came to a full stop.

WATCH: Pro-abortion protestors put on grotesque display at Catholic Church

One attendee in particular, dressed in what appeared to be a one-piece bathing suit, walked up to the men praying and screamed in their faces. She also waved around a plastic baby doll with a pink cloth tied around its neck.
“I’m killing the mother f&cking baby,” she yelled, strangling the doll.

They don’t expect to convince anyone of the righteousness of abortion. They intend to provoke.

Provoke what?


CNN: Capitol Police ‘Warning the Far Right Is Calling for Violence’ after Supreme Court Leak

Yeah: Bullshit.

If the leak is really indicative of how the Court will rule, the “Right,” the anti-abortion people, have no reason to do that. They’d have won.

And the pro-abortion side knows it. So they have to provoke the “predicted” violence; the better to demonize pro-lifers.

Happily, the good people in New York didn’t fall for it.

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