Dim Rep Endorses High Capacity Magazines

He’s just too stupid to realize it.

Dem Rep. Allred: ‘How We’ve Approached Car Safety’ Is ‘Right Model’ for Guns
During an interview on MSNBC on Tuesday, Rep. Colin Allred (D-TX) stated that the appropriate model to look at with gun regulations is “how we’ve approached car safety over the years, to progressively find ways to make cars more safe on the road, whether that’s seat belts or speed limits, or moving forward with more safe technology in the vehicles themselves.” And that “Nobody’s talking about taking away your cars. They are saying though, that you can’t drive an F1 around, you can’t go certain speeds, you can’t do certain things because it’s dangerous.”

Sure treat guns like cars.

High capacity magazines go for hundreds of rounds per fill-up.

No more background checks to buy.

No more arbitrary age limits to buy or possess.

No more licenses unless you take your gun on a public roadway. (Of course, half the states no lonfer require carry licenses anyway, so we’re halfway there.)

Gun Mufflers! Finally.

Fully automatic transmiss… actions no longer NFA restricted.

Hmm… there goes the undetectable firearms act, seeing as feddie fleet mileage requirements encourage stripping out as much metal as possible.

Hey! Kit cars guns are back.

And 4473s are out.

Sure, there’s still downsides, like registration. But maybe we can work that out in negotiations, seeing as Allred has already caved on damned near everything else.

Why not email Allred and thank him… for being a complete idiot.


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2 thoughts on “Dim Rep Endorses High Capacity Magazines”

  1. As soon as the car argument is pulled out..
    There’s yer clue.
    Save your breath.

    We all know what the Agenda is.
    Australia and Canada… consummating Eventually in The Japan Model.

    Time to stop pretending, we have enough of that already with the Sex Cult.

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