Did Hutchinson’s Testimony Include ANYTHING That Was True?

The limo/SUV incident didn’t happen.

She didn’t write the note.

She didn’t talk to the guy who wasn’t actually at the White House.


ROGER STONE Adds Two More Lies to List of Lies Made by Liz Cheney’s Star Witness Cassidy Hutchinson
Congresswoman Liz Cheney induced Hutchinson to say it was her “understanding” that “President Trump instructed White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to call Roger Stone and General Michael Flynn on the evening of January 5th” and that it was Hutchinson’s “understanding” that these calls were completed on the evening of January 5th.
I received no such call from Mark Meadows on January 5th. In fact, although I met him once in the green room at FOX in 2019 when he was still a Congressman, I have never spoken to him by phone or in person on any other occasion.

General Flynn tells me that he didn’t speak to Mark Meadows on January 5th and neither has he ever had any phone conversation with Meadows.
Hutchinson went on to say that Meadows wanted to attend a “briefing in a war room set up in the Willard Hotel.” Hutchinson said that Meadows was persuaded not to attend this briefing in person but that he participated in the briefing “with Roger Stone and General Flynn” by phone.

Except they’ve never spoken to him on the phone.

At this point, I need to know: Is “Cassidy Hutchinson” really her name, or did she get that wrong, too?


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