SCOTUS And “Remain In Mexico” Policy

I’ve seen some people expressing anger at the Supreme Court over their ruling on Biden ending the Trump-era “remain in Mexico” policy. While I wpuld prefer to see that policy continued, I didn’t much expect it… if SCOTUS did its job properly.

Mike Huckabee explained it quite succinctly.

So just to be clear, it wasn’t the Court’s decision but Biden’s decision to reverse the Trump order that will lead to disaster. The SCOTUS simply affirmed that as President, he has the Constitutional authority to make disastrous decisions. I just wish he’d quit doing it.

SCOTUS didn’t endorse Biden’s action; it just determined whether the constitutional authority was there.

Just as it made a similar determination in West Virgina v. EPA that the EPA lacked such authority. And Conservatives cheered that. Me, too.


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2 thoughts on “SCOTUS And “Remain In Mexico” Policy”

  1. Why do we not tell them if they want asylum, they must apply at the embassy in their country of origin or immediate neighboring country? Embassy staff can’t keep up? Tough shit…welcome to the DMV

    1. Because the vast majority of them cannot or will not meet the legal immigration requirements, and the Dims need to import a replacement population accustomed to living in third world dictatorships. The Reps need to import cheap labor accustomed to working for no more than a handful of dollars per day.

      Neither the Dims nor Reps are considering that these people are coming here in the expectation of something better than that. Well, the Dims do, to some extent, which is why theey push for free handouts for illegals to keep them placated.

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