Police Need To Ask That Doctor Some Questions

No doubt you’ve heard about the Highland Park parade shooting today. The last I heard, it’s up to 6 dead, 24 wounded. Suspect is described as a white male, 18-20 years old (so there will be some questions about how he had a firearm in Illinois), small build, long dark hair.

The police say they recovered a rifle, but did not say what type. Which makes this doctor’s claim interesting.

One doctor reportedly said after the shooting, “I did CPR on a 9-year-old until the paramedics pushed me off. This was a mass casualty zone. I saw two people eviscerated by the AR-15.”

Is he making an unsupported assumption that an “AR-15” was used? Or does he have inside knowledge? If the latter, from the police…

…or the shooter?

Drumming up some extra business, doc?

Frankly, given that this was Illinois, a reportedly very liberal town,  and the current push for “assault weapon” bans; the fact that the police didn’t immediately identify the rifle as either an “AR-15” or “AK-47,” I rather suspect it was neither. We’ll see.

Added: Police still won’t say what the rifle was.

(Update: At a second police briefing around 2 p.m. CDT, Lake County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli said the weapon used was a “high powered rifle”, but would not further describe the weapon.)


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3 thoughts on “Police Need To Ask That Doctor Some Questions”

    1. Definitely. We know who he is. They’ve shown pictures of the ladder he used to get on the roof. They told us he planned this for weeks. They told us he fired 70 rounds. They say he had one rifle he abandoned on the roof, and another in his car; which they also described down to the tag number.

      But the rifle is still unidentified; just a “high power rifle.”

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