Another Idiot Dim Has No Idea What The Laws Are

Yes, I realize that’s redundant.

Dem Rep. Schneider on July 4 Shooting: ‘Congress Needs to Take Action’ on Guns
Representative Brad Schneider (D-IL) said Monday on CNN’s “Newsroom” said “Congress needs to take action” on gun legislation in light of the shooting at the Highland Park’s Independence Day parade.
He added, “Like so many other communities around the nation who are suffering from gun violence, we need help, and Congress needs to take action, whether it’s universal backgrounds, things that 90% of the country supports, universal background checks, making trafficking of guns across state lines illegal.

Apparently he failed to notice that trafficking has been a federal crime for decades, and that he just increased the penalties for it.

You passed the bill; you can see what’s in it now, Schneider.


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