“The bridge they found them when I got arrested.”

Biden’s pre-recorded speech yesterday was peculiar. Heavily edited, with lots of spliced jumps as if it took multiple takes to get something coherent out of him.

He starts out alert enough, but tapers off to his usual “Sleepy Joe” state. Then there’s this part at 7:56. I’ve listened to it several times, and I hear, “The bridge they found them when I got arrested.” The captioning says otherwise. Listen and see what you think.

And watch closely starting at 8:20. He’s been leaning forward half-propping himself on the lectern, speaking — sometimes mumbling — in a low-key manner, and squinting at the teleprompter. Suddenly there’s another video cut, and now he’s standing upright, very wide-eyed, and speaking forcefully.

Looks to me like his meds wore off and they had a break in recording to jack him up on speed again.


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