ChinCOVID In Georgia

I haven’t had too much to say about ChinCOVID lately, so I think it’s time to revisit the Georgia COVID-19 Status Report.

They used to update that every day, but back in April, they gave up on the constant panickmongering and went to weekly updates. It’s still amusing. Bear in mind that Georgia actually does some of the better state reporting in the country.


Daily confirmed cases are dropping. Yeah, we had another minor peak; the lowest “peak” of the entire “pandemic.”

The Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) for my age group (where IFRs start climbing above the insignificant) has been dropping for more than a year, and is now down to a whopping 0.0348. Us damned oldsters just won’t die and give ’em scary numbers.

Another interesting bit is co-morbidities; specifically: smoking. Something like 18% of Georgians smoke. All else being equal, you might expect that 18% of COVID cases would be smokers.

Nope. 4.74%. Apparently nicotine (binds to the ACE2 receptors in lung cells, blocking SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins from binding) works a lot better than the pseudo-vaccines. Smoking is safer than that shit, too. Which is saying something.

And here’s a date that been bemusing me since December 2020. Confirmed cases for 7/6 jumped another 4, to 5,903 this week.

That’s July 6, 2020. More than two years ago, and they’re somehow “finding” new cases occurring on that date. That’s amazing enough, but sometimes the 7/6/2020 case count magically goes down. I’ve never gotten an explanation of how confirmed cases vanish.

No wonder they’re looking to use monkeypox for the new scary pandemic. ChinCOVID just isn’t cutting it. But since male gay sex orgies ain’t much of a thing ’round here, I don’t think that’ll give ’em scary numbers either.


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