A Four Foot, Four Pound Pocket Knife?

Seems a bit awkward. I’ll stick with my swords.

Someone hasn’t mastered the metric system yet.

The CRKT Provoke | Lethal EDC or Pocket Fidget?
The karambit isn’t new to the American knife scene, but the Provoke—CRKT’s ingenious pocketknife version—adds a new twist to the fighting design. In addition, this knife has one of the slickest opening mechanisms I’ve seen—Let’s talk shop about the CRKT Provoke.

An interesting design. I’d have to have one in my hands, to see for myself how secure the mechanism is. But the specs listed in that article grabbed my attention.

Blade Length 47″ (62.69 mm)
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Steel 4116
Blade Finish Stonewash
Blade Thickness 21″ (5.38 mm)
Overall Length 19″ (182.58 mm)
Closed Length 96″ (125.88 mm)
Weight 70 oz. (133.24 g)

Not only the metric system, but simple copy&paste seems to be beyond this guy. If you go to the product page, you’ll see the real specs. It looks like he copied them, but somehow managed to drop the leading digits and decimal points from the English measurement specs.

I see in article comments that I’m not the only person ridiculing this report.


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