Mid-Terms Are Coming! Get That ChinCOVID Case Count Up!

Gotta panic the sheeple into letting Dims cheat again after all. So just keep taking COVID tests until you pop positive. Especially if you domn’t have any symptoms of ChinCOVID.

FDA: Take 3 Home Tests If Exposed to COVID to Boost Accuracy
If you were exposed to COVID-19, take three home tests instead of two to make sure you’re not infected, according to new U.S. recommendations released Thursday.

Previously, the Food and Drug Administration had advised taking two rapid antigen tests over two or three days to rule out infection. But the agency says new studies suggest that protocol can miss too many infections, and could result in people spreading the coronavirus to others, especially if they don’t develop symptoms.

I’m so old that I remember back in ’19, when “case” meant you did develop symptoms of an illness.

Even with ChinCOVID, one test in the morning before school was sufficient to prove you didn’t have an illness for which you didn’t have symptoms. Then it was two tests (because most of the RATs are a 50:50 shot).

Now it’s three tests.

At this rate, by the end of October, with mid-terms looming, they’ll be screeching for endless tests, quadruple masking, and 6 foot social distancing just to fill out a mandatory mail-in ballot.

It won’t do much for health, but it’ll sure boost the test manufacturers’ bottom lines. And help the Dims “find” more mystery mail-ins.


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