Temperature Reporting BS

I’ve noticed an interesting trend in weather reporting for the past few weeks, ever since the media started pushing the “heat wave” crap.

Here are temperatures being reported in my area. Those are private weather stations. Most of them used to be in fairly close agreement with temps at my place. (An exception being an Osprey Cove — yankee-transplant ghetto — station that seems to be positioned beside an AC unit.)

I say “used to.” Currently my two thermometers — an alcohol type, and a bimetallic strip dial type — both say the current temperature is 83 degrees Fahrenheit.

The lowest area temp reported by Weather Underground is 87.8. Everything else is in the nineties. We never went above 85 today; it’s been mostly overcast. I think my local temp only made it to the nineties one day this month; it’s been unusually cool lately.

Has anyone else noticed any discrepancies between the temp you see versus what gets reported online?


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4 thoughts on “Temperature Reporting BS”

  1. While watching the stats on the area weather stations I noticed a guy just a mile down the road from me that always showed the temp to be 25 to 30 degrees warmer than me . Out of curiosity I went down to check him out one day . His station was right in between two buildings both with aluminum metal roofs and only 3 feet away from his heat pump condenser blowing out hot air . He still had his Biden sign in the yard .

  2. My thermocouple thermometer ( Radio Shack, $9.99 ) is mounted
    outside my office window, on the northeast corner of the house,
    behind a cedar tree ( so it’s NEVER exposed to direct sunlight ).
    It’s typically 5 degrees cooler than the reported temperature at
    the airport 11 miles away.

  3. My weather station always reports us warmer by 2-5 degrees and higher humidity than the local airport, which is 4.58 miles straight line distance away. I attribute this to a local microclimate caused by being about 2000′ away from where a local lake backs up into a creek. Nice big flat expanse of open water where heavy evaporation and mosquitos the size of B-52s occur.

    I’ve seen a feels-like temp of 144 this summer. Makes for some rough days trying to work outside.

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