ChinCOVID: Called it.

Some time back, someone wondered how TPTB would “end” the ChinCOVID Menace once BidenHarris was in office. I predicted three things they could do.

1. Drop the amplification cycles on PCR testing from the insane CDC recommended Ct of 40, to a more reasonable 30 or so. That would drastically reduce the false positives they call “cases.” Probably by 90%.

Nailed it. And they released that notice on Inauguration Day.

2. Stop the insane surge in testing.

Well, well…

Coastal Health District to halt testing in Camden, McIntosh counties
Starting in February, all free COVID-19 testing by the Coastal Health District will be done in Glynn and Chatham counties, freeing up resources to give vaccines and provide other services.

Free COVID tests will no longer be available through health departments in McIntosh, Camden, Effingham, Liberty, Long and Bryan counties starting on Monday.

And 3. Get Johns-Hopkins, Worldometer, et all to stop reporting cases by date the test result was finally reported to health departments, and start reporting by Date of Onset/Testing.

The first two will reduce “cases” so dramatically that number 3 isn’t really needed, but I’m still expecting it in three… two…

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