This Just Raises MORE Questions About the Mar-a-Lago Raid

BREAKING: DOJ releases FULL INVENTORY of items seized in Mar-a-Lago raid
33 items were listed as part of Exhibit A, with an accounting of what was contained within each item. Of those 33 boxes, 16 had documents that were labeled Secret, Top Secret, or Confidential, while the remaining 17 boxes contained either personal items, such as gifts or books, government documents without classification labels, or press materials, such as newspapers and magazines.

So.. more than half the boxes seized had no potentially classified docs, which was allegedly the subject of the warrant.

Why were they taken?

In total, 54 documents were seized labeled Secret, 18 documents seized labeled Top Secret, and another 31 documents that were labeled Confidential. An additional 12,853 items were either documents or photographs that were not classified or research materials, such as newspapers, magazines or other media files.

0.812% of the documents taken were potentially classified, and subject to the warrant. Maybe.

Again, were were the rest taken? Bear in mind that the feds have already admitted that some of what they took were privileged client-attorney docs.

A single, actual classified document could be a problem. But at this point we still don’t know if any were still classified. Trump claims the previously classified material had been declassified. Certainly the feds didn’t bother confiscating that stuff on their previous visits, which I think supports Trump’s claim.

We can’t even judge by the classified cover sheets shown in the infamous “crime scene” photo which the feds included in a court. Those cover sheets appear to be later additions by the feds, not the originals (one of which is partially visible in the photo). Do the originals show the the appropriate declassification markings. Is that why the feds felt the need to mask them with add-on sheets?

3 Articles of CLothing

Did someone classify Melania’s panties? Actually, I see twenty articles of [presumably classified?] clothing listed. WTF?


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