Apparently Axios Is Branching Out Into Dry Humor

That’s the generous explanation for this ridiculous piece, anyway.

Jan. 6 committee’s October surprise

Surprise? To whom? Judging from face to face conversations, and mainstream and “conservative” media, everyone expected this.

Except the geniuses at Axios apparently.

Despite the panel’s long-stated goal of avoiding perceptions of partisanship or politicization…

Wait. We are talking about the January 6 Kangaroo Committee, right? The one that broke House rules to prevent Republicans picking members, and stocked it with Dims and a couple of rabidly — to the point of getting voted out by irate constituents — anti-Trump RINOs?

Thompson told Axios the panel does not want to be “perceived as a partisan committee … we’ve been fairly free of those kind of complaints, and we would not want to interfere with the election.”

Free of partisanship complaints? I suppose… if you don’t count the folks who refused to testify because it’s a rule-breaking partisans witch hunt, media observatiosn, and at least a couple of filed lawsuits.

But he said the time between an expected Sept. 28 hearing and the election “won’t be a quiet period.” He also said that “the goal is to have … some information pushed out, obviously, before the November election.

No shit. That’s why this is no surprise to anyone but Axios.

Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.), who is not seeking reelection, said: “This effort is not political, so I am indifferent to when the election is.”

Said no politicians ever, until this.

But finally we see something significant, of also expected.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) told Axios the committee is “just working at our own pace” and they’ll release their final report “when we’re ready.”

Universal BS Translation: We’re going to release plenty of unsubstantiated innuendo and allegations in time for the mid-terms, but no official report — that we have to legally back up — until some vague time in the — post elections — future.

Bear in mind that even this report states that the committee has an “expiration date” of December 31. If nonpartisan honesty was their goal, they’d be polishing up the final report now, getting it ready for release in no more than a mere three months. And that would be working at warp speed by government standards.


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