Am I Turning Into A Conspiracy Theorist?

I wrote something in an email the other day. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to let it see the public light of day. The topic started with COVID-19 pseudo-vaccination.

Eight mice. And “We don’t need human testing, because the previous jabs proved so very safe and effective…”

… if you don’t mind the the — what was it? 44% — miscarriage rate in trials. Or the menstrual cycle disruptions. Or the decrease in male fertility (don’t worry, it *mostly* comes back, according to papers). Or SADS (must be global warming; seriously I saw that).

And there’s a confluence that bugs me enough, that I’m almost afraid to say too much publicly.

Abortion, abortion abortion. MI’s Whitmer defunding *non*-abortion services. Pocahontas calling for MA’s non-abortion support clinics to be closed. In GA, part of Stacy Abrams’ platform (oddly not much spoken aloud) is criminalizing pregnancy clinics that don’t do abortions. Google has announced that they’ll delist or hide search results for nonabortion clinics.

Meanwhile, the push to chemically castrate and neuter prepubescent kids marches on. With recommendations for lowering the age for permanent “sex change” surgeries.

And just when did it become so important to use schools to convince children that they’re really nonbreeding gay/lesbian/asexual/trans/…?

Meanwhile, with winter staring us in the face, our glorious leaders are ending reliable power, and *planning* for “energy riots” rather than planning to restore energy.

Saw a report about an aluminum factory in Europe yesterday. Their energy costs to produce raw stock aluminum are now about 2.5 times the price of raw stock aluminum. They mostly shut down, may completely shut down, and if they do, they don’t expect it to be cost effective to ever reopen.

Likewise, a fertilizer factory has cut back on ammonia (nitrates) production by 60%, and may close. Handy for those politicians that want to “reduce” nitrates from fertilizers and cattle.

If I were still writing bad SF, this be be a great, if cheesy, alien invasion storyline: tricky invaders use social engineering to convince stupid humans to render *themselves* extinct, with nary an alien shot fired.

Since I wrote that bit about dropping the recommended minimum age for “transgender medical malpractice/chemical castration, the WPATH has actually¬†eliminated its minimum age recommendation. And the Dims want over-the-counter testosterone for “transboys” (the better to neuter themselves without even a quack’s supervision; ask a real nurse about the side effects of testosterone in women).

I mentioned all this to someone else, who noted that it’s pretty much true.

Execpt the clever aliens part. We have plenty enough crazies, idiots, and elites who think it’ll never apply to them, to account for it.

On the upside, this bit of procreation-prevention should rid us, in the long term, of lots of crazies and idiots. I’m not usually a fan of eugenics, but…


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