Global (Online) Warming

My two thermometers, both in the same location for years, currently read:

Bimetallic Dial: 79 degrees

Alcohol Tube: 80 degrees

The alcohol tube thermometer seems to respond to temperature changes a little faster; I attribute that to lower thermal mass than the dial thermometer.

Weather Underground reports a bunch of private weather stations surrounding me. They all read from 83.3 degrees to 90.1. The main reading claims we saw a 14 degree jump (71 to 85 degrees) from 7:56A to 10:56AM. Someone needs to get their sensor(s) out of direct sunlight. And away from the AC units.

Weather Underground also claims that September 19 hit a high of 99 degrees.

The Weather Channel claims 83 degrees. National Weather Service says 84.


Here, August had two days that hit 90 or higher. September hasn’t made it out of the low 80s. My body agrees, which makes yard work a lot more comfortable than usual. It’s been a cool summer, which you wouldn’t know if you get your weather reports online.


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