Seven Years. Eight Minutes.

I don’t think the air commuter world is ready for all-electric aircraft. Certainly the aircraft isn’t ready.

Electric airplane prototype takes first flight in Washington
The plane, built by startup Eviation, was built to carry nine passengers and up two pilots. It took off from Moses Lake, Washington, at 7:10 a.m. Tuesday, and landed eight minutes later.

Eight minutes. i suppose that’s slightly better than the Wright Flyer‘s first few flights. But for something that’s been in development for seven years, I’d expect better.

The aircraft’s “TARGET SPECIFICATIONS” include a planned, eventual range of 250 nautical miles. At best, a short range puddle jumper.

Max payload of 2,500 pounds. Divided over the alleged 9 passengers, and you’ve got 277 pounds apiece. Considering modern American’s girth, some of them may be able to bring a purse.

Hoped for max speed would be 260 knots. We’ll see.

Maybe. Probably not, unless someone invents a radical new electrical energy storage system. I’ve yet to see the battery with sufficient energy density to make passenger aircraft theoretically practical (excluding some LTA concepts).


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5 thoughts on “Seven Years. Eight Minutes.”

  1. This aircraft would do well at paired cities with small airports. The range is not a problem in that use.

    I’d be concerned of operations to Class C or Class B airports. I suspect hold times on the ground at those busy airports would kill the advertised performance.

    Nonetheless, I am quite bearish about e-anything. Nothing yet has given a glimmer of something big; indeed, what I’ve seen so far is what appears time and again a money pit, swindling investors, heavily subsidized by taxpayer’s monies.

    1. Think Part 135 air taxi. Now there is a continually burgeoning market. Lots of folks are eager for the perfect aircraft for that market.

  2. The lefts real agenda is decreasing the population. This WILL accomplish that. But the cost is pretty high….but then again it’s OPM. Other People’s Money.

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