Yertle tells GOP Senators to vote their conscience

Lacking such, I guess they all have to abstain from voting.

Report: McConnell not urging GOP to clear Trump in impeachment, says to vote their conscience
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has told Republicans to vote their conscience when deciding on former President Donald Trump’s fate following an unprecedented second impeachment trial, according to a report Tuesday.

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2 thoughts on “Yertle tells GOP Senators to vote their conscience”

  1. It appears to me Mr Sanctimonious has his spur straps on the wrong boot. Buckle goes on the outside of the boot. And he seriously should think about getting his hat shaped. On second thought never mind the hat brim. Lipstick and pigs….

  2. Sorry Bear,posted under the wrong column.
    Should have been the Superbowl one. KC Chiefs were my team for years! They had Warpaint the paint horse, so ya know. But since I actually love America I ceased to care about football years ago. You know who you never see disrespect the flag? Cowboys and Cowgirl’s.

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