This Screams “Fed Op”

The guys who allegedly sabotaged the Washington state power substations on Christmas have already been busted. The timing alone suggests the feds already knew who arrest.

Two Washington men charged in 4 substation attacks on Christmas that cut power for thousands: FBI
Two men were charged Tuesday in connection to all four substation attacks that occurred in western Washington state over Christmas, as the federal government pursues prosecution for increased instances of electric grid sabotage across the country this winter.

Matthew Greenwood, 32, and Jeremy Crahan, 40, both of Puyallup, Washington, have been charged with conspiracy to damage energy facilities and possession of an unregistered firearm.

Let’s look at those unregistered firearms.

Really crudely cut rifle and shotgun. And note the “make-shift silencer” apparently duct-taped to the end of the barrel. That doesn’t suggest particularly high IQs. And why bother? To be stealthy?

I think not. Because they…

…parked their truck in the light, right in front of a surveillance camera. That isn’t stealthy, and it isn’t smart.

Did stupid shit. Did stupid shit unnecessarly with stupidly and unlawfully stupid guns. Caught instantly. Looks like another case of the feds setting up idiots just to bust them, and pat themselves on their backs. Note that they still haven’t caught the perps in the earlier NC sabotage/vandalism. I figure they had these guys on tap, and used them as copycay “revolutionaries.”

I noticed this in comments.

I wonder where these two learned where and what to shoot at to knock out a substation(s). Because one would have to have some training to know how to get that done.

There are ways to sabotage a substation using specialized knowledge. But just putting bullets in transformers, shorting lines, or shooting insulators works too, and any idiot can do it. When I was still a kid, power companies used to routinely ask people not to shoot those old glass insulators, so as not not to cause outages. In Memphis, squirrel-induced outages were a regular occurrence.

These guys look about as bright as a squirrel.


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7 thoughts on “This Screams “Fed Op””

  1. Yeah….odds are very good that these two refugees from a Deliverance movie were at the very least encouraged to do this by the FedBois if not actually assisted.

  2. Three million dollar in damage just from two of these substations.

    My first thought was they were eco-terrorists, but you’re right, they were caught awfully easy.

    1. I saw a report to day that claimed they were doing as a distraction for a robbery. I don’t think they’re smart enough to come up with that.

      Interestingly, that report also said they were flipping specific breakers. Breaker locations at specific substations isn’t something that even a general knowledge of transmission system will give you. You have to know the substation or have someone — like a fed handler — feeding your the instructions.

  3. “…possession of an unregistered firearm…”

    So far as I can tell, Washington State doesn’t have a firearms registration law.

    Am I wrong?

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