Why Wait?

Put yourself out of our misery now, Doctor Death.

Why I want to die at 75′: The White House oncologist and Obamacare architect, 65, who will refuse ALL medical treatment in 10 years (even if he gets cancer)
A world-renowned oncologist and one of the architects of Obamacare will refuse any medication in 10 years to achieve his goal of dying at 75 – including antibiotics, chemotherapy and even pain meds.

Unlike many elites with ambitions of immortality, Dr Ezekiel Emanuel, 65, will act as if medical leaps made over the last 200 years never happened and make no efforts to cheat death.

You may recall Emanuel from the Obamacare days. He was incorrectly accused of suggesting “death panels” that would determine whether anyone deserved medical care, and how much. In fact, he recommended a chart that would taper off care depending on one’s age and medical condition, no panels of humans required.


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